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That's why we started this blog. The crossroads of living your brand and offering concrete results — this is what we care about, and write about. We would love to hear your stories as well, either right here on our blog, on our LinkedIn Page, or by contacting us directly. We hope you'll take part.

Apr 2014

Frost and Sullivan, East Recap – 3 Keys to Delivering a Great Customer Experience

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Jim Mitchell, our SVP of Sales, gave a well-received talk at this year’s Frost & Sullivan 10th Annual Customer Contact 2014. As highlighted in our previous post, Jim spoke about how to increase revenue generation on the call floor, and how your brand can set itself apart by providing exceptional, unscripted sales and customer service. [...] Read More...

Apr 2014

Frost & Sullivan, East Preview – 3 Ways to Generate Revenue on the Call Floor

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A work colleague Jim Mitchell has been recognized by his peers as a top sales performer, so it’s no surprise that he’s speaking at the Frost & Sullivan 10th Annual Customer Contact 2014 this Sunday, April 6th in Marco Island, Florida. Along with enjoying the Gulf Coast sunshine, those attending the event will get to [...] Read More...

Dec 2013

CYBER MONDAY EDITION: The Impact of Online Shopping On Brand Loyalty

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In the ever-expanding world of digital retail, how is brand loyalty being maintained?  In today’s digital world, options for consumers are at an all-time high. With so many options at the consumer’s fingertips, the process of purchasing products has never been easier. So what does this mean for brands that once thrived by delivering on [...] Read More...

Nov 2013

Sustaining Brand Relevance with the Connected Customer

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New consumer technology is driving brands to make a new and critical connection with the consumer, providing a consistent experience across all media. Two numbers caught our eye in this WPP Opinion Leader report: 30% of smartphone users are constantly connected, and 52% of people believe one negative review will impact how they feel about [...] Read More...

Oct 2013

A Few Blinks: Defining Your Brand in Nine Seconds

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Have you ever called the cable company and concluded within the first few seconds that the person you’re speaking to was not going be very helpful? It may seem like a snap judgment. But more often than not, it’s a combination of thousands of elements – from weeks of agent training to a long history [...] Read More...